Marcela Barreto

Psychotherapy in English, Portuguese and Spanish



I am psychotherapist and I work with people in search of a

better understanding of themselves, their relationships or

a change in their lives.


Most of those who come to see me are individuals facing a difficult time that is causing emotional pain, self doubt or psychological instability. The majority are expats who prefer to do therapy in their first language. I also see couples with relationship issues and groups of people open to share individual experiences for personal and community growth.

My office is in Oslo and I also offer online psychotherapy for those who cannot

meet me ‘face-to-face’.

When to consider Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is for anyone who is feeling the need for support from a professional. It is a way to expand the knowledge you have about yourself and help you deal with painful issues and problems in your life.


You could also benefit from psychotherapy if you:


  • Are in search for self-development
  • Want to make sense of the emotional and practical aspects of settling in a new country
  • Wish to have more confidence in yourself and in your abilities
  • Are having relationship problems with your partner, a family member, a friend or a co-worker
  • Are struggling to make a decision
  • Are facing challenges in the workplace that seem overwhelming
  • Feel that stress, anger or anxiety are impacting your health and relationships
  • Are consumed by the feeling of sadness and life has no meaning anymore
  • Have goals and dreams for your future, but you don’t know how to achieve them


Although some reasons are more common than others, there is not a right or wrong reason for seeking therapy. If you feel that you could benefit from psychotherapy, feel free to make an appointment.


My Approach

My approach to therapy is the result of more than 7 years of studies in psychology, a continued training in narrative therapy and a specialization in family therapy.


I am experienced in assisting people dealing with a wide range of issues and problems in their lives.


Each person is unique and so are the problems they face. Therefore, I work by combining therapy in scheduled sessions with additional therapeutic activities that are designed to suit individual needs and goals.



About Me



I am a psychology graduate with a master's degree in Human Development. During my master's,

I deepened my understanding of the experience of migration from a psychological perspective. Narrative therapy is my preferred psychotherapeutic approach for working with people.

Marcela Barreto


+47 980 29 441

Riddervolds gate 4, 0256, Oslo, Norway